YNHSHP EMS Week 2017

Yale-New Haven Sponsor Hospital Annual Awards Ceremony(sm) –  pictures from the Unit CitationsEMSStronglogo


“EMT of the Year” –  Ann Marie Consiglio of AMR-NH

 “Paramedic of the Year” – Michael Rondina of Madison EMS and AMR-NH

 “EMS Educator of the Year” –  Paul B. Clini of West Shore Fire Department and YNHSHP

 “Paramedic Field Instructor of the Year” –  Steve Czenthe of American Medical Response

 “EMS Tele-communicator of the Year” –  Kevin Lyon North Branford Police Department

 The Linda D. Cohens Distinguished Service Award –    Kevin Martin of Hamden Fire Department

Also, Congratulations to all providers in these services that received Unit Citations for their contributions during a cardiac arrest resulting in the preservation of the quality of life for their patient…

American Medical Response

Ed Badamo, Mike Rondina, Tim DeBiase, Mikalya Golobiewski, Dieter Scheller, Derek Tramantano, Michael Powers, Christopher Simoni, Kimberly Wilson, Eric Allen, Liam Hamill, Justin Langner, Undrea O’Dette

Terence Boyle, Scott Schwartz, Tracey McMillen, Alan Sedlak, Robert Saverese, Roger Arpaia, Wes Parmalee

Branford Fire Department

Joseph Massey, John Masci, Jason Karpovich, John Cudgma, Joseph Laudicina, Amanda Mark

East Haven  Fire Department

Richard Deponte, Brian Arms

Hamden Fire Department

Courtney Keegan, Bryan Westcott, Ed Hilbert ,John Cristini, Nelson Wang, Kevin Martin, Dan Such

Milford Fire Department

Chad Cameron, Mark LaBreque, Peter Phelan, Matthew Colucci, Erik Boroba

Madison EMS

Joe DeAngelis, William Bergers, Jesse Gulick, Daryl Ward, Michael Vece, Don MacMillan PA,

North Haven Fire Department

Steve Hayden, Jeff Haag, Lt. Brockett, Marty Carlo, Garbatti

New Haven Haven Fire Department

Chris Hayden, Meghan, Maidelis, Shane Ferguson,

Chris Frakl, Dan Deline, Wayne Ricks Jr. James Kiley, Jeremy Bartow, Ian Cordero, Antonio Ramos, Ronald Nardini, Kenneth Hulse, Jason Suttleworth

West Shore Fire Department 

                                                                                                                                                               Dan Johnson, Anthony Tondalo, Rebecca Langner, Kevin Mullen

Lastly, Congratulations to all providers for their contributions to high quality care during the year