Paramedic Field Instructors

PFI handbook v01292016 – for paramedic students/paramedic field instructors handbook from Jason Ucci

Medic Student Field Internship Evaluation Form3 – For Medic Students only, save form to your computer, then email directly to

Internship PCR – generic PCR, can be used for medics precepting for med con or medic students

PFI application 08282015 – current PFI application form.  Please PRINT CLEARLY or TYPE

Service Endorsement Form Revised– Required as part of your application for PFI, must be signed by your service chief or manager

PFI SOG 11242015 – Standard Operating Guidelines for the PFI group

ynhshp-field-internship-eval-form – evaluation form for Paramedics working on obtaining Medical Authorization (not paramedic students!)

registering for the PFI meetings