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The Yale-New Haven Sponsor Hospital Area Response Physician Team provides immediate EMS physician field response to support emergency responders throughout the twelve-town area served by the Yale New Haven Sponsor Hospital Program.  The Team was formed following a complex extrication/rescue of a commercial nursery worker in the spring of 2001 at which two EMS physicians provided assistance.  The team was granted a certificate of operation as an ALS agency by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health on 1July2002 (#C093P03), and the team’s first response vehicle was licensed by the State of Connecticut in August 2002.  The team is currently staffed by five EMS physicians, with backup from two physician assistants.  On rare occasions, the team may be unavailable for brief periods of time when all team members are working in the emergency department, travelling or are otherwise unavailable.

TRAINING: All team members receive formal training in the following areas:

  1. Incident Command System
  2. Hazardous Materials (First Responder-Operations level or higher)
  3. Emergency Vehicle Operations

The team is dispatched by South-Central CMED.  Contact CMED by phone or Med 10 to request a response, or to speak with a team member.  CMED policy requires that the Incident Commander authorize the request.  The responding team member(s) will report to the IC upon arrival for assignment, accountability and reporting responsibility, and will remain available at the scene until released through the command structure.

RESPONSE VEHICLES: The team utilizes a 2004 Ford Explorer and a 2005 Ford Explorer for emergency responses.  In addition to complete ALS equipment, the vehicle carries personal protective equipment for team members, surgical equipment and additional medications. As an all-volunteer service, team members may also respond periodically in their personal vehicles. An ETA and all pertinent communication will be provided by CMED.

SURGICAL BACKUP: Protocols are in place with trauma specialists at Yale-New Haven Hospital for field responses of surgeons if needed for certain types of surgical extrications.

RESPONSES: The SHARP team is available to respond to any type of emergency incident, and is designed to provide medical oversight and assistance at:

  • Multiple casualty incidents
  • Complex or difficult extrications / rescues
  • Greater alarm fires
  • Hazardous materials incidents.

Team members can assist with triage, logistics, communications, and rehab. A primary purpose of the team is to provide for the safety and medical needs of emergency personnel operating at incident scenes.

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